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Streamline your business

YLOO helps organise every aspect of your Driver Training business,
whether you’re a large driving school or a solo instructor.
See at a glance your leads and marketing, lesson schedule, students, instructors,
financial reporting and more…

Seamlessly connecting professional driving instructors with more learner drivers

YLOO automates your booking process with ease


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An online brand presence is your vehicle for building your credibility.  Your online reputation speaks volumes to your prospective learner drivers. Book more lessons and save time through your integrated social media channels.


Simple student management.
Learner driver data is 100% secure and accessible.  Students manage their own bookings effortlessly, yet under your control!
Create a collaborative partnership between driving instructor, learner driver and parents/carer.


Stay ahead of your competitors and digitise your business with powerful technology.
So simple to use, YLOO serves all Driving Schools and Instructors:
full-time, part-time, or anything in between!


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What Our Students and Parents are Saying

I was very impressed with the use of the new app. It was helpful to see exactly when a driving lesson started and ended. Reminders about lessons was excellent. Receiving lesson feedback and advice for my son and us as parents, was helpful. We knew what he needed to work on and obviously it’s always good to receive positive hints to build confidence.
Sandy and Bailey
Booking lessons to suit a day and time using the App was easy and SMS/emails were VERY useful. REALLY like notifications of instructor collection from a different pickup point other than our house and when lessons finished. Lesson notes were very helpful for knowing what to focus on when driving with my parents. The scoring system on each driving technique was easy to understand and set goals for. Booking lessons was easy and text reminders for lessons were helpful.
Alex and Lorna
The YLOO platform was convenient and easily accessible to organise my driving lessons. Easy to follow and book at a time that suits you and flexible to re-schedule when necessary. By offering an online payment method, YLOO creates a stress free environment with no money needing to be exchanged. The reminders sent directly to your phone are extremely helpful and most important is the electronic lesson feedback so that you can see what you need to be working on.
We have used Peak Driving School for several of our children and whilst the service has always been excellent, this time around the new YLOO app made everything mega-easy. The flow of information back to parents (and students) is first class.
I particularly like the electronic ‘lesson notes’ highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of my child’s driving so we know what to focus on during that seemingly never-ending 100 hours. The reminder texts/emails are also bonus alerting parents (and students) when lessons start and finish and collection points etc. All-in-all, a great service has taken a big leap forward with technology delivering real benefits to customers.

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ADTA is the largest association representing professional driving instructors and serving the general community by providing ongoing training and education to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the driver trainer industry. Be assured that instructors who are ADTA Members offer high-quality driver training.

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