How can you be the Exception?

Achieve the goals you dream of! Be Proactive! Be Positive! Work on your business!

Usually, when asking what is holding someone back, the general answer is “time”. Well during these uncertain times, “time” can no longer be the excuse for many of us and for once we have more of it to really focus on how we can become the exception in our industry.

There are many unknowns ahead in these unusual circumstances and it’s understandable that people might be fearful and even more so if you own your own Driving School and you have a large team to look out for. Whether you are the leader or out on your own, there are certain tasks you could be spending your time on to make sure you are leading and inspiring your team or developing yourself. Be proactive, fearless and optimistic about the future. Your team will need leadership from you and a sense of stability, so take action and continue to build your business and your team’s confidence. For once you have the capacity to work “on” your business!

Ways To Grow Your Driving School

Some of these may be more suited to a Driving School owner and some more relevant to an instructor under a brand.

  • Keep in touch with your team regularly as a team and as individuals – there are easy ways to do this by using Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Facebook now offers “Join Room” as another option. Daily meetings or regular meetings will be useful to boost your instructor’s morale.
  • Assess any instructor training that needs to take place – either to onboard new instructors or develop existing instructors. Is there any online training that your instructors can participate in.
  • Review your Driving School technology – is it the time to get online and make your customer experience more enjoyable?
  • Put together a marketing plan for the next 12 months – are you a little light on lesson bookings?
  • Review your business expenses and reduce expenses if and where possible
  • Update your accounting software or update to digital (if you’re not already) – look at an accounting system like XERO
  • Create email and SMS templates and campaigns which are ready to send out to students to update them about lesson bookings.
  • Send out emails to your students with useful content such as how-to videos
  • Update your website – is now the time to revamp your old one or even start a new one? We can help with this!
  • Invest in personal development – about business and your mindset!
  • Create a vision board about where you want your Driving School to be
  • Is there a need for a manual handbook with operational systems and processes which will be useful for your team
  • Have a look at your lessons prices and make sure your pricing strategy is correct
  • Review your finances and work out how much your Driving School needs to break even per lesson
  • Set budgets and benchmarks for your finances
  • Make time for self-care and meditation
  • Write some new blogs and learn about SEO (don’t always rely on the experts!)
  • Create video content and upload it to YouTube (so you can embed these into emails)
  • Create social media posts for the next month and schedule them using a scheduling tool
  • Take an online course
  • Take some new images of yourself for social media
  • Make time for exercise, even if it’s a quick walk or time to stretch your legs – see our Physio guide to what you can do between lessons
  • Have a spring clean – if your home life is calm, this will roll out into your working environment
  • Book a free 30-minute business consultation with our team if you want some help to review your business

That treadmill keeps running…and the truth is – we can become addicted to the “struggle”, addicted to being lazy, a little out of control and living in chaos. We don’t lack time, we lack skills and priorities and this is the perfect time to focus on your business priorities! The resources and tools are at our fingertips, the only thing holding you back is YOU. It’s not about getting it all done, it is simply about getting the right things done.

The biggest enemy of “being the exception” is not lack of time, lack of funds or other people – it’s YOU.

As a Driving School, running a business can be one of the secrets to happiness especially if you are doing what you are passionate about. A business can give you the freedom to do and create what you want.

During our FREE 30-minute, business consultation our team will assess where you are right now with your business and the goals you want to achieve. Work with you to take your Driving School to the next level and help you achieve your goals.

To book a consultation, please complete the survey and book a time slot! We look forward to talking!

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