Boost your Driving School’s Cashflow

Now is the time to think about how your Driving School can generate cash prior to opening up for lessons again. If you can continue to generate revenue while your doors are closed you will keep your business afloat and ready to get back on the road.

  1. Sell discounted lesson packs online
  2. Get paid upfront with online deposits
  3. Offer gift cards or vouchers online
  4. Sell premium bundles and courses
  5. Start to upsell

Sell discounted lesson packs online

During this time when doors are closed, your students and parents will be preparing to continue towards their driving progress. It’s time to make sure your website is set up to sell online. Think about selling larger lesson packs at discounted prices as well as other special package offers. These would be your normal lesson offerings at a slightly discounted price – for example a 3 pack and get a 4th at a discounted price (3 pack plus 1). Offer your students a good deal so that you can continue to generate revenue in advance of starting lessons again. At the same time, you are continuing to build your student database.

Your marketing channels to see these packages in advance are Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you are promoting and talking about these great offers. Reach out to your existing students and past students and offer them a discount to refer these offers on to a friend. You can even sell these products through your social media channels and take payments.

Get paid upfront with online deposits

Take deposits on packages or courses that you will be offering and allow your students to put down a deposit and then make part-payments. By taking pre-payments for your services or courses you will be in a better position when you open up for lessons again.

When lockdown comes to an end, students will be looking to book lessons and your services will be in demand. Students will pay a deposit to secure a lesson slot. Communicate with your students what your business policies are by placing a deposit on a lesson pack or course. Reassure them that they have flexibility with these lessons that they have put a deposit on.

Offer gift cards or vouchers online

Gift vouchers and cards to use on future lessons are an excellent tool to bring revenue into your Driving School in advance. Then it’s down to promotion! Send these offers to existing students and past students and get them out onto your social media channels. Selling gift vouchers online is like a small interest-free loan; they’re a great tool to keep money coming into your business!

Sell premium bundles and courses

Put some thought into what you can put into place now before you open for lessons again. Lessons will be in demand so why not prioritise students who are almost due for a practical test. By going through your students, you should be able to identify these students and then get in touch with an attractive premium package that they would be interested in. These are for students who have completed their driving progress and are wanting to be first in line for test preparation. Set up a premium bundle that will suits their needs. It may be one that includes an actual test booking as soon as test centres are open. When you do open your calendar maybe it is only for bookings for these packs including a test slot. It could also be to book students in for a specific course coming up. Be creative and put some thought into how to prioritise these students.

Start to upsell

In the same light think about what you can offer to your students and parents in terms of additional services. You could come up with some creative ideas in this downtime that may be very appealing to some of your customers and can get you up and running fast. It may be value-add course material or downloads. Identify these opportunities and get creative!

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