Digital Transformation – Driving Schools

Digital transformation is happening in the learner driving industry a lot quicker than many might be aware. When I presented at a conference in Sydney in November 2017 on digital transformation at an industry forum, I remember seeing some curious and possibly confused looking faces looking at me at times. Almost 2 years later to the date and the world of digital is all around us more than ever before.

The world has rapidly become more complex and reliant on digital and driving schools need to remain relevant to maintain their competitive edge. One key question I ask business owners is how customer centric are your current business processes, after all, potential customers may be having a totally customer experience at one of your competitors and how will you ever know until it’s too late?

The IDC Forecasts predicts the worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $1.97 trillion by 2022.  While this number is staggering, driving schools need to focus on improving the value proposition to your customers, your students and parents. What this entails is looking at your current systems and processes and shedding outdated practices that have always been there and adopting new tech.

A typical example for any driving school to consider is the experience your customers currently have when they make a booking for the first time with your driving school. I had a parent once contact me to say he had booked his daughter in for 10 lessons in a couple of minutes while he was taxi-ing down the runway about to take off. This may seem an extreme example but, in a world, where customers are already busy and at a premium, making it easy for them to manage their driving lessons online is critical, ignoring this will be costly.

For the larger established driving schools where investment in tech has been sometimes patched together over the years into phone systems, websites, paid advertising and the like these days the playing field has levelled, and all driving schools now have access to high tech providing exceptional customer experience at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the key considerations driving school owners should be involved with to fully embrace the digital era include the following in my view:

  • How adaptive is your culture to change and are a some of your team potentially constraining inevitable change?
  • Who in your organisation is best suited to help drive and implement change?
  • Are you focusing on value to your customers, the ‘customer experience’, rather than the cost? (this is not to say cost is not an important consideration, but creating on-going value with your customers is paramount)
  • Take a look at your tech and processes and evaluate each existing piece of tech alongside new solutions in the market
  • Keep your customer buying experience at the centre of your planning. If a customers has a better experience with your competitors, you wont know about this until momentum starts to shift

Digital transformation is an important undertaking all driving schools and the question of when you begin this journey should be a proactive one. Afterall, you’re in business to create time in your life for the things you value most in your life and not to allow your business to consume your personal life. For more information about answering your questions contact YLOODrive or visit