Can your Facebook Cover Photo help attract more students and parents?

Without placing Facebook ads to promote our services, a very low percentage of our Facebook fans actually see what we are posting “organically” on our driving school business pages.  With the Facebook algorithm changes, are there other ways to capture our students and parents attention to book more driving lessons with us?

Your Facebook page is one of the first places people look when researching your driving school or after receiving referrals or reading reviews.   This is why your Facebook cover photo is crucial because it’s your first opportunity to tell your business’s story.  What value can you offer to your potential customers?  Facebook cover photos can be used to promote our services and offers and help drive more customers to make a decision about booking with us

It’s a great opportunity to use our cover photo as “social proof” by highlighting reviews from previous customers – reviews are like a personal recommendation these days!   Did you know that Facebook cover photos are “clickable”?  This means that our potential students and parents can click on our cover photo, read the description and follow a link depending on what action we want them to take.  Look at your photo cover as a “lead generator” – taking our customers to our websites or our booking buttons and allowing them to make a quicker decision to book their driving lessons – with YOU!


  1. Design a catchy, creative Facebook Cover Photo to promote your driving school’s services
  2. Tie the image of your Facebook cover photo into an attractive offer
  3. Add a CTA (Call to action button) to encourage your potential customer to click on your photo image and take action
  4. For example:  when a potential customer clicks on your photo, they will be taken to the photo description with a link to your website/booking button

Simply upload a new Facebook cover photo


Reposition, save, click on the image – then add a description with a CTA link to your website or Booking button


Whenever you update your Facebook cover photo on your drivings school’s Facebook page, it generates a post update in the news feed. The text that appears in the post is the text you have added to the photo description. In addition, you can always boost your Facebook Cover photo to reach a larger audience (you only need to spend a few dollars to achieve this).


A Facebook cover photo takes up a good portion of your business page, it is one of the most noticeable parts of your page so needs to be visual to catch your audience’s attention.  A cover photo can sometimes determine whether someone stays on your page flicks off.  Make it fun, catchy and interesting – how can you solve their problem of looking for the right driving instructor to book their lessons with? How will you convince them that you are the best? Keep in mind who your target audience is (students and parents) and what they find interesting. A cover photo represents your brand, try different things to see what your audience respond to.

It’s important to follow Facebook’s best practices for your cover photo – ensure you don’t violate any copyright infringements or are misleading in any way.  Keep in mind your cover photo is public and creates a first impression about your driving school.  First impressions are lasting!

The ideal size for your Facebook cover photo is 820 pixels wide x 312 pixels tall on desktops and 640 pixels wide x 360 pixels tall for smartphones.  Read more on Facebook cover photo dimensions here

Don’t spend hours designing a cover photo  – there are some quick and easy tools to help you with this:


Canva – A Free and easy to use design tool to create branded images and Facebook covers

When designing your cover photo:

  • Cover Photos should mainly be visual with a focal point.
  • A recommendation is to keep text to a minimum.
  • Make sure that your CTA buttons are easily visible
  • CTA link to your cover photo description by clicking on the cover photo and then adding an action
  • Update your photo cover regularly to attract more attention and offer further content

When setting up your CTA link for your cover photo description, INSIGHTS as to how many customers are clicking on that link are GOLD!  Giving you information on engagement with your students and parents.  A great tool for this is Bitly – it’s free and not only allows you to generate short links to use but also provides insights on clicks you receive on your links.  Simply enter your long link (could be your website URL), then copy the generated short link from Bitly into your photo cover description.  Check regularly on that link in Bitly to gain invaluable insights as to whether customers are engaging with your Facebook Cover photo and taking action from your description.

Some customers may not click on your Facebook cover photo to pick up the link from your photo description so ensure that your main Call to Action button under your Facebook cover photo has a consistent message for your customers to take the same action – link to your website or your Book Online button.


In summary, your Facebook cover photo can help you drive students and parents to your website and take action to book lessons with you.  What better way then for them to be taken directly to a “Book Online” option that takes them into your calendar 24/7 so they can see your real-time availability for both manual and auto (if offered) and simply BOOK.  Talk about quick decisions!

So get started, design a photo, upload it and click on it to add some descriptive text, add a link to take action and voila..more driving lessons for you!

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