Collecting licence details?


In QLD we have Government permission to collect and store driver licence numbers and supervisor/instructor’s license.

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Accessing driving progress


By entering a parent or supervisor's email address -  with every drive you submit, your parents/supervisors receive an email with your tracked drive.

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Moving inter-state with incomplete hours?


Every State has different requirement for logbook recording and submissions.  You will need to revert to whichever State you are in. You can export your logbook hours from YLOODrive [...]

Moving inter-state with incomplete hours?2018-11-14T12:52:58+00:00

Synching logbook data


If you experience any difficulties with synching your logbook data, try logging out of the the YLOODrive app and log back in again. This should sync all data into [...]

Synching logbook data2018-10-04T16:05:11+00:00

Supervised hours


Learners will need to add supervisor details to their app before to enable a supervisor to approve a supervised practice session. Either hand your device to your supervisor to [...]

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Unapproved instructed hours


Ensure all hours have been approved by instructors and supervisors or these hours won’t be included in your total supervised hours and won’t be included in your downloaded version [...]

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Use of mobile devices while driving


Remember it is illegal for learner drivers to use a mobile phone while driving in any circumstances. Supervising drivers or passengers are able to use a mobile phone but [...]

Use of mobile devices while driving2018-10-04T15:54:09+00:00
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