No matter what plan you choose – get the benefits of a FREE mini-website!

Why an online presence is important?

  • Allow prospective students to find you in their area
  • Offer a customer experience providing online bookings
  • Tell your customers a story, compelling them to act
  • Offer descriptions of your services and special offers
  • Provide social proof (reviews) giving you credibility

Customer Experience

With technology, one thing is certain, it’s never going away. There’s nothing new about being able to book online for products and services – consider that many people can spend approximately 2 hours per day, every day, engaging in the online world through Google, Facebook, eBay and the list goes on. Think about your students, where do they turn to if they want to find a product or service…? Mobile phones without a doubt!

Booking driving lessons online is growing rapidly and looking at new entrants there has been an explosion of ‘generic’ booking systems in the market servicing all industries where bookings are required. Why is this happening? It’s about customer service and making it easy for students and parents to book driving lessons with their preferred driving school at times that suit – this is where the current trend is headed. Offer your existing and potential customers, the experience they are looking for.

Get your FREE Mini-website

Many small Driving Schools don’t have a website or online presence at all and because YLOODrive offers a niche scheduling system perfectly suited to any size Driving School, we want all our customers to have an online presence – no matter what size you are! And better yet for FREE!

A single page with less design creates an easier experience for customers who are already used to using a variety of devices to access websites. Single page websites together with a ‘responsive design’ offer a much more delightful interaction. Think about your brand for a moment, a student books a driving lesson on your website and later wants to reschedule the lesson using their mobile phone – the overall experience is significantly enhanced simply by having the same feel across different devices.

Social validation these days can come in various forms including testimonials on websites and increasingly through real-time reviews where prospects can read very recent reviews from other happy customers. YLOODrive does this for you helping you build your reputation.

Under your YLOODrive dashboard, enter in your normal business information that you would like displayed – including your opening hours, instructor accreditation, your lesson packages and your contact details. Add in specials and coupon codes on offer. YLOODrive then generates a small website for you which reflects your brand and your business.

This solution offers our customers an online presence showcasing your services as well as an integrated booking appointment system which feeds into your business management system. Best of all, these mini-websites are mobile-friendly and new and existing students can book directly through your website or log in directly to their student profile to manage their lessons. Amazingly all this in just a few clicks!

Can I use a custom domain?

YLOODrive provides a free web address – as part of our mini-website package. But if you prefer to use your own domain name (we can help you set this up in just a short space of time).

Prefer a website with more pages?

We can help you out with this too! Simply get in touch to work with our affiliated company who offers website design, build, integrations with YLOODrive and other 3rd parties, SSL certificates and hosting and SEO options. Fast turnaround to get you online or update your existing website – leave it to us.

Single-page booking pages or simple websites are trending at such a rapid pace and it’s simple and cost-effective for you to jump in “on the action” – let’s get started!