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Working Together To Achieve Positive Outcomes

Parents / Supervising Drivers

Parents and Supervising Drivers play an important role in helping a Learner driver to achieve positive outcomes. They are role models as well as being there to provide advice, practise opportunities and keeping an eye out for potential hazards. Parents and supervising drivers can make a difference! Make a pact with your teen.

Accredited Driving Instructors

With instruction from an accredited Driving Instructor and practice with a parent or supervising driver, learner drivers can gain the necessary confidence in different driving conditions to be road safe and ready to drive solo. Professional Driving Instructors will teach the correct driving techniques and road rules to ensure your learner driver is test ready.

Be a Good Role Model

Make Sure You Know the Road Rules

Consider Refresher Lessons with a Driving School

Learn More About Supervising A Learner Driver

YLOO Keeps Everyone In the Loop

Lesson Note Feedback / GPS Tracking (BETA) / Real life situations

Lesson Note Feedback


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