Taking lesson bookings and payments through your website using the YLOODrive platform/app for Driving Schools

Allow your students and parents to pay you online through your website or mobile app. Flexible options to suit your Driving school – easily send follow up payment links to ensure you get payments in advance or Instructors can also take partial payments and in-car payments.


Save time by streamlining your day-to-day admin and see your student lesson payment status at a glance!

Easy online Payments with Stripe

YLOODrive partners with Stripe and our integrated payment system allows you to take online payments securely from your customers.

This streamlined payment processing system for Driving Schools saves you time and effort by doing everything for you. Simply access your YLOODrive dashboard for real-time payment stats.

How does it work?

Taking online payments for driving lessons is a positive step forward for Driving Schools to align themselves with the new digital era.

Simply set up your Driving School lesson types | services | products and integrate them into your profile to be available to your students online for website or app payments. All you need is your “Book” or “Buy” buttons!

  • debit and credit card payments accepted
  • No need to carry anything with you in your vehicle
  • Only 1.75% (which can be absorbed by the Driving School if preferred)
  • Payments can be allocated to the Driving School or Instructor accounts depending on business setup.
  • Payment notifications sent to all parties


Online payments are easy to set up from within the YLOODrive business management platform.  Website payment integration can be set up easily by yourself or by our team.

Manage, engage and nurture your customers with our powerful tools


The next generation of industry leaders will be Driving Schools that are able to adapt as the pace of change accelerates.

Adaptive Driving Schools anticipate their future customer needs in a changing world, and they aren’t afraid to evolve to stay relevant. They use their flexibility as a competitive advantage, responding to market disruptions or proactively driving innovation to establish and maintain leadership in the Driving Industry. We have all seen the resiliency of adaptive businesses in response to Covid-19 and thousands of businesses that were not online previously in meaningful ways have moved their businesses online in 2020 and they are ready to automate many of their day-to-day admin tasks.

YLOO App Booking App


Improve your Work/Life Balance

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  • Full Access | No Contracts

  • IOS and Android Apps | Web

  • Tax Deductible Business Platform

  • Discounted plans for Multi-Intructor Schools


Leading the way as end-to-end driving school management software

“In collaboration with Driving Instructors, we are always endeavouring to improve the platform for the benefit of the Driving Industry as a whole. Our mission is to strive for customer excellence (for both Driving Schools and their customer base) by continually investing in bringing an innovative, trusted platform to the market place. Our core focus being on reliability and transparency and we always welcome your feedback to help us improve in every area.”

Our end-to-end platform provides full business management to run your driving school, including pupil progress, instructor development, online, in-app or in-car payments, and a notifications centre allowing for easy customer engagement and nurturing.

Dion Changuion, Founder


  • End-to-End Calendar Management

    • Lessons
    • Repeat bookings
    • Collection/DropOffs
    • Calendar Sync
  • Student CRM

    • Pupil lesson details
    • GPS tracked lessons
    • Pupil progress
    • Payment record
  • Reporting Dashboards

    • Income | Cashflow
    • Payment records
    • Lesson Data
    • Instructor Data
    • Commissions for franchises
  • Student App

    • Self-managed lessons depending on instructor availability

    • Monitor their driving progress

    • Manage their lesson payments

  • Marketing

    • Easy website integration
    • New website builds
    • Marketing integrations

The professional Driving Industry choice!

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